Hand negatives
Cave of Peche Merle (F)
Age approx. 25.000 years
The theoretical background of Arbeit am Tonfeld® / Work at the clay field
It can be mainly retraced in the works of



Viktor von Weizsäcker and his theory of the „Circle of Gestalt“ (der Gestaltkreis),
C.G. Jung and his analytical psychology,
Erich Neumann and his concept of the individuation process,
J. Krüger, F. Sander, K.Graf Dürckheim and R. Hippius and their research in holistic Gestalt psychology,
J. Piaget and his theory about the development of intellect on the basis of senso-motory experiences,
D.W. Winnicott and his ideas about the emotional development of the child.
Literature on Arbeit amTonfeld® / Work at the clay field
There is no English translation of
Heinz Deuser (ed), Bewegung wird Gestalt; Der Handlungsdialog in der Arbeit am Tonfeld®, edition doering, Bremen 2004, ISBN 3-934557-04-X,
Peter Petersen (ed), Forschungsmethoden künstlerischer Therapien, Vlg Johannes Mayer, Stuttgart/Berlin 2002

If you are interested, you may read the following article by Barbara Osterwald:
“If you touch, you are touched”, a short introduction to Arbeit am Tonfeld® / Work at the clay field. download pdf-Document