The structure of Arbeit am Tonfeld® / Work at the clay field
It is always based on relationship. For, at the moment the hands touch the clay field, they take up a certain relation. In haptic experience, this relationship is fundamentally mutual and simultaneous:
"If I touch, I am touched" and
"If I move, I am moved"
In the following process the individual will now be able to separate himself from an originally and, by its very nature, symbiotic relationship with another person of his young age. And by giving an adaquate form, a Gestalt, to the quality of this relationship, he places it at a distance, perceives it by touching it and therefore he will be able to handle it differently and to change it. He can do so now, because he is no longer the dependant child he was then. Now he is, in fact, able to reconnect to the hidden resources of his “inner child”, that is to say, to his original nature.
Thus he will restructure himself and change ancient patterns of relationship that still have an influence on his present life.
This process corresponds to the notion of individuation as conceived by C.G.Jung.