The Institut für Haptische Gestaltbildung Barbara Osterwald in Munich is facing new ground as Barbos-Zentrum:
the previous institute has been passed on to Katharina Kramer and Ina Schott.
Information about the current further education courses is available on request at kramer-und-schott[at]
I am happy about this forward-looking development and wish them both and the Barbos-Zentrum all the best!

Barbara Osterwald
München, 2022

Arbeit am Tonfeld® / Work at the clay field
Through your hands touching the clay field, individual experiences of former relations are unconsciously evoked along with the psychological patterns they have created. The latter appear in the spontaneous movements of the hands, coming alive again in a dynamic way. But as they become tangible now, they can become conscious and can be restructured. Therefore he or she who works at the clay field, will be able to perceive and understand himself or herself in a concrete and tactile way which is based on sensory experience. He will understand who he is, who he was and how he became the one he is now. An integrative Gestalt process of the transformation of one’s personality will be intitiated.

The setting
The clay field consists of a rectangular case that is evenly filled with clay to the brim. The person who works at the clay field lets his hands spontaneously and without any preconception deal with the material. If possible, he will then keep his eyes closed, in order to surrender as much as he can to the self-movements of his hands.
An attendant or therapist is present. His function is to be a witness as well as a midwife for this process of finding one’s particular Gestalt as an authentic expression of one’s inner being.